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Chelan Estate 2015 Vintage Report

It was a very hot summer, warmest on record. Regular wind direction changes, while tough on firefighters, kept the smoke from long, continuous stays in the valley. All of our Estate grapes were harvested from the beginning of September to the end of the month. The result is a small crop of small berries, low yields and intense flavor. The same can be said for the Stillwater Creek fruit. Merlot was picked the first week in September, Cabernet the third week of the month. Petit Verdot picked October 6th, normally harvested the last week of October. The 2015 wines will be intense and long lived. The flip side of the vintage is quantities will be very low.

Chelan Estate 2014 Vintage Report

For the third straight year we had exceptional fruit from our Estate Vineyard and the Stillwater Creek Vineyard. Estate Pinot Noir and Merlot look, at this early date, to show great color, depth and structure. Exciting news from Stillwater Creek is once again we have Cabernet Sauvignon in the winery. Still years away but it is great to have this wine back in the pipeline. And I could not resist picking up Syrah from a row that Ed Kelly, vineyard manager at Stillwater Creek had personally pruned as a demonstration for his crew. I have never seen more a more perfect example of how it is done right.

Chelan Estate 2013 Vintage Report

Similar but warmer than 2012, the 2013 vintage is very close to the ten year averages for bud break, verasion and harvesting the Chelan Estate Vineyard. We started picking Chardonnay September 18th followed closely by block #2 Pinot Noir (clone #115) and block #3 (clone #113). Viognier will follow, then block #1 Pinot Noir (clone #13) and Merlot the first week in October. This will be the first harvest of our new, three year old, block of Chardonnay and Viognier. A small first crop but the fruit looks and tastes great! More of our popular Rhone style white blend coming. Work to do. A good harvest to all.

The Vineyard